Introducing — BLOK Recipe book

Explore the unique BLOK Recipe Book, where recipes are not just instructions - they are heritage.

In the art of cooking lies an expression of our identity, a reflection of our experiences, and a tribute to the connections forged around the dinner table. This handmade recipe book is a tribute to those cherished moments, the aromas that transport us, and the tastes that bind us across time and space.

Within these pages, you’ll have an opportunity to write all your culinary treasures — a fusion of nostalgic favorites and innovative renditions, a celebration of tradition and the spirit of reinvention. Each recipe is a story waiting to be told, an invitation to explore the culinary journeys that traverse generations and homes.

In this interactive journey, the blank spaces beckon you to inscribe your kitchen secrets, the pinch of this, the dash of that — the elements that make your dishes uniquely yours. Here, your creativity takes center stage, where the handwritten notes become the heirlooms of future culinary enthusiasts.

Throughout this unique journey, we’ve embraced the artisanal spirit, partnering with local talents and fellow small businesses to infuse each page with a touch of their expertise and passion. It is a testament to our commitment to supporting and cherising the craftsmanship that define our small business community.


This hand-crafted recipe book features 100 pages in a warm white tone, complemented by distinctive red pages within, all enclosed by a durable beige hardcover exterior.

Join us in this culinary symphony, where each recipe is a note, and every kitchen is a stage. Let “Kitchen Traditions” be your companion, guiding you through the essence of family, the artistry of cooking, and the magic of home.