BLOK Guide — Kitchen essentials

The best kitchens aren't bought all at once — they're built, gradually and lovingly, over the course of a lifetime. But you have to start somewhere, which is where this handy guide to the absolute essential kitchen tools and accessories.


To truly make your kitchen stand out, first step is to think about including aesthetically pleasing and useful kitchen tools and accessories. Statement items such as grinders for salt and pepper or salad servers as modern kitchen accessories, will be not only functional elements but also introduce unique design features.

Atypical for traditional salt and pepper mills, Audo’s Bottle Grinders are shaped like bottles to cleverly trick the user into engaging with the design in a playful and experimental way. Fitted with a powerful ceramic mill that makes light work of grinding a wide range of spices, Bottle Grinders are easy to operate, fill and clean, and the upright design ensures surfaces remain free from unwanted residue.

When it comes to tableware, there are a few key items to consider that will elevate your dining experience. Start with a set of dinner plates and bowls. Look for pieces that reflect your personal style, whether it’s classic and timeless or modern and sleek.

In addition to the basics, consider adding some specialty items to your collection. A set of elegant wine glasses will elevate any dinner party, while a versatile set of serving bowls and platters will make hosting a breeze.

Our first choice is Flow collection from Danish brand Ferm Living – a series of perfectly imperfect tableware made to modern sensibilities using traditional craftsmanship techniques. All the items are glazed to achieve a unique expression.

To further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, consider using vibrant textiles like patterned tea towels and cloths. These small touches can add a pop of color and personality to your space.

Additionally, hanging plants or fresh herbs in decorative planters can bring a touch of nature indoors. Our recommendation is Inlay Herb Pots from Ferm Living, two-tone pots with marble-like pattern – each of which is unique to the individual piece. 

Displaying your favorite recipe books or cooking magazines will not only add visual interest but also provide easy access for inspiration and reference.

OTK: Shelf Love is a recipe book that will teach you to fall in love with cooking intuitively from your cupboards and pantry, fridge and freezer. By cleverly using your kitchen finds, you’ll put a flavoursome, Ottolenghi-level dinner on the table any day of the week.

Recipe we love: (All The Herb) Dumplings with Caramelised Onions.

Practical and functional shopping bag is all you need for your daily market runs.

Featuring a large internal pocket and red color accents, our BLOK shopper is made of durable 100% organic cotton. Whether you’re heading to the grocery store, running errands, or going on a weekend getaway, this oversized bag will be the perfect companion to keep your belongings organized and carry everything you need in style.

Last but not least, an apron not only protects your clothes from spills and stains but also adds a touch of style to your cooking routine. Whether you prefer a classic cotton apron or a trendy patterned one, wearing an apron while cooking can make you feel like a true kitchen professional.

Happy cooking, and remember, building your dream kitchen is a process. Start with the essential tools and accessories, then gradually add personalized elements that reflect your style and enhance your cooking space.