BLOK Guide — Holiday Gifts

Ovo je sezona topline, radosti i uzbudljive potrage za savršenim poklonima! Dok se prazničnas sezona bliži, snalaženje u svetu poklanjanja može biti vesela avantura ispunjena uzbuđenjem i pažnjom. Bez obzira da li tražite idealan poklon za svoje voljene, prijatelje ili kolege, naš praznični vodič za poklone je tu da vam pomogne prilikom odabira.

The holiday season isn’t just about trimming trees and decking the halls; it’s about the enchanting pursuit of finding that perfect gift, the heartfelt expression of love and appreciation for those who make our lives brighter.

In the quiet moments spent browsing for gifts, we’re not merely selecting objects; we’re crafting sentiments. Each choice represents a thought, a memory, or a shared experience—a tangible manifestation of the value we place on our relationships.

In these acts of gift-giving, we bestow more than mere items; we gift joy, appreciation, and a sense of belonging. It’s the magical alchemy that turns a simple gesture into a cherished memory—one that continues to sparkle in the tapestry of shared experiences long after the wrapping paper is gone.

This year, we have selected seven exceptional gifts that truly capture the essence of the season. Take a look!


BLOK Recipe book

Envision your favorite culinary enthusiast, their passion igniting as they fill the blank pages of this Recipe book with their culinary wizardry. Each stroke of the pen becomes a masterpiece, an artful expression of flavors and techniques transforming mere recipes into a personalized gastronomic journey. With every written word, they craft a legacy of delicious discoveries, turning these empty pages into a treasure trove of their culinary prowess, waiting to be shared and savored.


Arranging Things by Colin King

We all desire our rooms to look attractive and reflect a considered approach. Now we have the mastery of Colin King to help us elevate our spaces into environments of personal creativity. Image after image, readers will discover how Colin works his magic when arranging objects on coffee tables, mantels, bookshelves, bedside tables, windowsills, and more. Through a series of anecdotes and visual essays, Colin unpacks his intuitive and deeply personal process, meditating on scale, proportion, palette, and texture.


AUDO Olfacte Scented Candles

En Passant” simply means “in passing.” A moment in time, like a stroll through the garden after spring rain. This purifying, floral scent invites you to stop and take in the scents of hyacinth, jasmine petals and geranium. The fragrance concludes with grounding arboreal notes of wild moss and cedarwood.

Each candle is responsibly made using natural essential oils and plant-based wax.

Scent Notes

Top notes – grapefruit, eucalyptus, ginger.
Middle notes – lavandin super, jasmine petals, hyacinth.
Base notes – geranium, wild moss, cedarwood.


Bialetti Coffee Maker

For a coffee lover who appreciates a delightful brew, a coffee maker could be an exceptional gift. Bialetti is an Italian coffee machine brand, with a history going back more than a century, a journey full of creativity and inspiration. Always with an eye on the future and a passion for coffee, Bialetti was founded in 1919, in Omegna.

Bialetti Coffee Maker is the original coffee maker, which offers the experience of the true Italian ritual of preparing a delicious cup of coffee. Its unique shape dates back to 1933, when it was invented by Alfonso Bialetti. What makes it even more unique is the iconic Man with the moustache.


Ferm Living Ripple Wine Carafe

Indulging in the velvety richness and intricate flavors of a fine wine is an experience that true aficionados cherish. When selecting a gift for a wine lover, a wine carafe stands as a timeless and elegant choice. This sophisticated Ripple Wine Carafe not only enhances the wine’s aeration, allowing it to breathe and unlock its full bouquet of flavors and aromas, but also adds an exquisite touch to the presentation.


AUDO Battus Throw

A warm throw blanket is an ideal Christmas gift, offering comfort and coziness during the chilly winter months. It’s a gesture of warmth that wraps your loved ones in comfort, inviting moments of relaxation and snugly evenings by the fire.

Part of Audo Copenhagen’s Cocoon Textile Collection, the luxurious Battus Throw is produced in Europe and is made from the finest quality materials selected for tactility. An enticing composition of soft Italian wool is woven with fine silk to form an elegant frame around the outer edges.

At 130 cm x 185 cm, Battus is an ideal cosy companion within living or bedroom spaces.


AUDO Collapse Vase

A flower vase, when chosen with artistic flair, becomes more than a mere receptacle for blooms—it transforms into a stunning art piece that elevates any space.

Drawing inspiration from the fluid drapes of fabric, the Collapse Vase has a soft, organic expression. Whether clustered, paired or used alone, it lends sculptural beauty to modern spaces – with or without the addition of flowers. Each piece is unique due to the firing process.