BLOK Guide — Autumn table decoration

Creating beautiful autumn table decorations is a perfect way to capture the essence of the season and set a warm and inviting atmosphere for your gatherings. Gather your inspiration, summon your creativity, and let's explore into the world of autumn table decorations.


As the days grow shorter and a crisp chill fills the air, nature begins to paint with hues of yellow, red, and orange, announcing the arrival of autumn. With this season comes the perfect opportunity to transform your dining table into a canvas of warmth and rustic charm. In this guide, we will explore the art of crafting inviting and enchanting autumn table decorations. From the rich and earthy color palette to the inclusion of seasonal elements such as pumpkins, leaves, and candles, here are our 10 tips on how to create a tablescape that captures the very essence of fall’s embrace

1.Autumn Color Scheme — Creating an autumn color scheme for your table decorations or any other fall-themed setting involves embracing the warm, rich, and earthy tones associated with the fall.Think about using deep reds, oranges, yellows, browns and nudes for your table linens, dishes, and decor.

2.Seasonal Centerpieces — Consider using a combination of autumn flowers, such as sunflowers, mums, or dahlias, in rustic vases or mason jars. You can also, place a variety of pumpkins in different sizes and colors in the center of your table. .

3.Fall Foliage — Scatter colorful autumn leaves, across the table as a runner or placemat. You can also incorporate garlands of fall leaves as a centerpiece or around the edges of the table.

4.Natural Elements — Incorporate natural elements like wooden placemats to give your table a rustic and earthy feel.


5.Candles — Candles add a warm and cozy feel. Incorporating twisted candles into your autumn table decorations is a fantastic way to add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your seasonal tablescape.

6.Tableware — Use dishes, glassware, and flatware with autumn patterns or colors. Earthy pottery or stoneware adds a rustic touch.

7.Fruit Decor — Add apples, pears, or cranberries in your decorations. With their vibrant colors and natural appeal, this fruits can enhance the visual appeal of your table setting and offer a delightful, aromatic dimension.

8.Pumpkin and Gourd Mix: Alongside pumpkins, include other gourds like butternut squash, acorn squash, and decorative gourds to add variety and texture to your table decor.

9.Tablecloth or Table Runners: Choose table linens in beige, warm colors or patterns.

10.Autumn Wreaths: Hang a beautiful autumn wreath on the wall or around the back of chairs to bring the seasonal charm to your dining area.

Remember to balance the various elements to create a harmonious and visually appealing autumn table decoration. The key is to evoke the cozy, welcoming spirit of fall, making your dining experience a memorable one for your guests.