Recipe Book

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Beyond kitchen design, there are always the small touches that make them uniquely ours. In these details lies the essence of our personality, experiences, and memories. From this idea and our philosophy, we created the hand-made recipe book Kitchen Traditions: Your Culinary Journey across Generations and Homes.

In ‘Kitchen Traditions’, we wanted to celebrate the richness of our collective culinary heritage. From time-honored classics to modern interpretations, this journey will be a testament to the diversity of flavors and techniques that have shaped your kitchen and home.

One of a kind — A love letter to the art of cooking.

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21 x 21 x 1,6 cm
100 pages


Cover Material: Bookbinding canvas, Hard cover
Colour: Sand/Red
Paper Type: 80 gr Offset paper
Colour: Light Beige
Page Count: 100
Ribbon Marker: Red