Premium kitchens.

Create a kitchen that brings people together.
A kitchen for a crowd or inspiring solo cooking.
For a midnight snack and an early cup of coffee.

Our models.

Inspired by the BLOK design philosophy, we create 3 kitchen collections – Original, Classic, and Solid. All the kitchens aspire to create a simple, beautiful, and well-functioning space for you and the people around you.


About us

The idea behind the BLOK is to bring new simplified forms and concepts of the traditional industry of making kitchens, but the diversity of materials and colors make every combination a direct expression of individuality and creativity. With all of this in mind, we started to develop BLOK, in the summer of 2020.

It’s nice to be at HOME

we use

Our kitchens are made from good and honest materials with the idea to last for many years and generations. Using only high-quality materials and fittings, your BLOK kitchen will age in beauty.


Red Laminate

A homage to playfulness of life-bright, vivid red. The interior of all our kitchens is made of red laminate.


Elegant and minimalist texture while at the same time heat, scratch and stain resistant. Our all-time favorite.


Lacquered MDF

Our palette features a range of poetic and pastel colors – all created to appeal to your visual sense and your emotions. Choose between 8 eco-friendly lacquer colors.


Solid wood veneer

For a more classic and warm look, we create 2 unique colors of solid wood veneer. These colors are specially developed for BLOK, in the desire to bring nature closer to you.

what you GET

Beautiful design

We want to make you an easier choice with our pre-designed solutions. You can choose between four kitchen models, all designed with special focus on simplicity, functionality, and quality.

Variety of materials

We believe that the choice of materials and design have an impact on how we live in and feel about our kitchen. Because of that, we choose the highest quality materials, with the wide range of wood and natural stones.


Our kitchen is a buy-for-life product. However, in the case of emergency we have your back for the next 5 years with our quarantee for the correctly mounted BLOK kitchens, and for use under normal circumstances.


With our color palette, we want to make room for every personality. It is a perfect juxtaposition of muted earthy, pastel tones and playful pops of bright, vivid red.


The best construction

Everything we make is unique and it’s all defined by quality and precision, made for your space. Locally crafted in Serbia, with the help of our passionate woodworkers and assemblers, all our kitchens are bespoke and built entirely from scratch.

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BLOK Guide

Choosing the right color for your kitchen involves considering several factors like the size of the space, the amount of natural light it receives, your personal style preferences, and the mood you want to create.